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What We Do

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We provide information, workshops and classes to improve health in the African community. Topics include sexual health, cancer awareness, mental health, domestic violence, Covid and vaccination information.

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Ensuring African people have the necessary skills and knowledge to enter the workforce is essential to integrate fully. We help the community gain the requisite English skills and basic cultural understanding in order to thrive.


Holding a regular job is essential if one is to stand on one’s own feet or support a family. However, without references, it isn't easy to enter employment. As a result, we provide volunteering opportunities that offer the necessary evidence and fill any gaps in expertise.



Immigration is central to the integration of the target community. As such, we network with a number of legal firms to support and guide most of these community members to settle and comply with the law. We research areas that stop those of African descent from fully participating in society and then build programmes around them.

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Stepping Stone4 is amazing! I had so much fun and made some new friends through their Zumba class. All whilst I picked up some new moves and kept fit in a healthy way, I always look forward to attending Stepping Stone 4 activities

I came to Stepping Stone4 after receiving a referral from a partner organisation. Before I felt lost and was not sure who I could contact to receive the help. Salna was so friendly and professional and was able to advise, signpost and connect me with the services I needed.

Stepping Stone4 has helped my family and I so much. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to have a laptop. Everything, even my children's homework is online these days, so having a laptop at home has made life so much easier for us.

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